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Agence ITER France: a pivotal role

Agence ITER France plays a pivotal role in ITER's integration in the south of France.

Published on 26 June 2023

Offering a unique experience of partnership-based projects for more than ten years, Agence ITER France (in liaison with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, CEA) is an entity comprising twenty or so people with extensive experience in:

  • Collecting and managing the subsidies within the scope of France's financial commitments to ITER
  • Carry out technical work (site preparation)
  • Running regional networks (interfaces with the French government, politicians and universities) 
  • Welcoming ITER staff, domestic agency staff and their families
  • Mobilizing industrial companies via the ITER Industrial Committee (C2I) whose offices are in the AIF headquarters
  • Monitoring ITER dismantling costs with a view to dismantling the ITER facility by 2050 
  • Establishing a disposal outlet for ITER tritiated waste
  • Promoting economic development around the ITER project.