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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry network

ITER : opportunities to be seized for VSEs / SMEs in our region.

Published on 25 January 2022

The network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry is actively involved in developing, strengthening, and promoting the nuclear sector. Every day the network works to help companies improve their performance, foster innovation, and expand their market. 

Our services include:

  • Organizing regular meetings and events to improve company visibility, to foster B2B connections, and to provide information on developments such as current or forthcoming calls for tenders, successful bids, and markets that have high potential for sub-contracting.
  • Implementing specific programs to help companies enhance their competitiveness and successfully position themselves in markets.
  • Deploying a range of cutting-edge training tools and programmes under development at the regional Eco Campus in Sainte-Tulle.

Our network works in collaboration with economic development agencies to support companies in their projects to relocate to the region: analysis of business plans, identification of real-estate or office space specifically adapted to a project, help recruiting personnel, etc.