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Economy and Region

Published on 26 January 2022

Eight reasons to invest in the Région Sud:

1 • A thriving and attractive regional economy!

The Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur region (Région Sud) represents a market of more than five million people, with an additional nine million people living less than three hours away from the region. This spurs economic activity and drives the region’s development. Region Sud ranks Number 3 in France for its GDP per capita (2019), business creations, and new jobs. It is also one of the most dynamic and prosperous European regions ranked the 14th richest region in Europe.

2 • A region with global reach and international renown

Strategically located with major urban centres and top-class infrastructure: Région Sud is your company’s ideal location in Europe. Its advantageous location on the Mediterranean Basin also makes it the perfect hub to the African and Middle Eastern markets.

A genuine hub for people, data, and goods!

3 • The 3rd French region for innovation!

Région Sud is the 2nd region in France for international investments in R&D, artificial intelligence, low-carbon energy, and smart mobility. Research centres are bolstered by a pioneering ecosystem that already features a wealth of globally recognized facilities. The area is conducive to scientific collaboration as it features major international companies, emerging SMEs, innovative start-ups, and sector-affiliated training centres. The economy is further enhanced through a series of dynamic clusters and networks that have gained international scope.

4 • A region dedicated to the industry of the future

Attractive, dynamic, inventive: there is no shortage of superlatives for industry in this region. The sector is embracing change, looking to the future, and recruiting top talent, and it wants the world to know it!

As part of a French national plan to help boost the industry of the future, the government has developed a programme to support the digital transformation and enhance the appeal of important industrial sites that have been awarded the industrial quality label ‘Territoires d’industries’. Eight of these industrial areas are located in Région Sud:

  • The Aix-Marseille-Provence/ Aix-Rousset-Gardanne/ Istres-Fos-Marignane-Etang de Berre metro area for its major industrial projects and thriving strategic sectors in areas such as the blue economy, aeronautics, energy, and microelectronics
  • Avignon-Cavaillon-Sorgues-Ventoux for its natural living sector and agri-food industry
  • Carros for its potential to attract investment, its transition to the industry of the future, and its sustainable optimization of industrial land
  • Gap-Tallard-Buëch for the development and planning of its business parks
  • Grasse-Sophia-Antipolis-Cannesare in three sectors: space, digital, and aromas & perfumes
  • Toulon-Ollioules-La Seyne-sur-Mer-Saint-Mandrier-Six-Fours for the marine and defence sectors
  • Durance Valley for new energies, chemical & pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics, and agri-food industries
  • Haute Vallée de la Durance for its industrial revival based on renewable energies and outdoor activities within a preserved, innovative, and creative mountain environment.

5 • The region's talent pool: the added value you need

Engineers, researchers, laboratory technicians, machine operators, business developers, marketing & communication specialists, etc… The Région Sud is home to a vast pool of talented individuals who can meet all your project’s hiring needs.

With the third largest student population in France, the region also has a young, dynamic and motivated workforce that can help boost your company’s productivity.

If recruiting outside of the region, there are programmes in place that will help you attract and welcome the talent you need.

6 • On pace to become the 1st green region in Europe by 2050: be part of the new world!

A driving ambition: to become the first European region to fulfil the environmental commitments outlined in the COP21 Paris Agreement to fight climate change. Are you a clean-tech company, tech-for-good company, or a company seeking to do business more sustainably? You can be part of the region’s green economic growth strategy and help us meet the objectives of our “One Step Ahead” climate plan.

7 • Get established in the smart city

Région Sud has set up two ‘regional interest operations’ based on the region’s sectors of excellence: the Euroméditerranée urban renovation programme in Marseille, the Eco-Vallée Plaine project in the Var. These two metropolises that are experimenting with technology for smart cities, the mobility of tomorrow, and energy efficiency in buildings. You can find ultra-modern office space in the heart of the region’s two largest economic centres.

 8 • A remarkable quality of life and a sublime natural environment

An exceptional environment, a rich cultural heritage and 300 days of sunshine a year. The region and its three world-renowned locations – Provence, the Alps, and the French Riviera – have incomparable advantages when it comes to tourism. With more than 30 million visitors each year and €18 billion in economic spin-offs, the region attracts people from around the world, including the best international talent.

Not only is this region a globally recognized destination, but it also offers a more competitive, attractive, and innovative lifestyle. All these features contribute to a life-work balance that is second to none.