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Compulsory URSSAF registration

If the foreseeable duration of the contract exceeds 2 years, the employees of companies that are not based in France MUST be registered with the URSSAF in Strasbourg.

Published on 26 January 2022

Your contact : Centre national des firmes étrangères

Centre national des firmes étrangères – CNFE 67945 Strasbourg cedex 9
Tel. : 00 33 (0)810 09 26 33 (France and overseas) - (service €0.05 incl. VAT/min + call charges)
Fax for the DPAE (pre-recruitment declaration) only : 00 33 (0)811 01 15 67
service €0.05 incl. VAT/min + call charges)
Email :

  • If you are a foreign company without an establishment in France or an individual employer not domiciled in France for tax purposes,
  • If you employ one or more employees in France,

These employees must register with the French Social Security system and you must pay contributions to finance their healthcare.

The Centre National des Firmes Etrangères (CNFE) is in charge of all salary declarations, social security payments and unemployment insurance contributions.

More information on :

Downloadable URSSAF forms: simplified procedure

You can also use the simplified services made available by the Urssaf network: