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For foreign companies (secondment)

This page provides a list of useful links for foreign companies seconding staff to France.

Published on 26 January 2022

Advice, support in setting up business in France, rights and obligations

Go to the website of the French Ministry of Economy:

Company registration - Social contributions for employees - Labour regulations applicable to employees from a foreign company

Formalities to complete before working in France

Download the application forms:

Conditions for seconding employees to work in France

This section concerns foreign companies not based in France.
  • If you are a foreign company and intend to send one or several employees to France to provide a service
  • If you are an employee of a foreign company and you are about to be sent to France by your employer to provide a service

then you are concerned by the conditions for seconding employees to work in France.

Foreign companies are allowed to second staff temporarily to France. They must comply with several conditions and compulsory formalities, and their seconded employees must respect certain provisions stipulated in the French labour laws.

Prior declaration of secondment must be submitted electronically:

Sipsi (

More information page on the declaration to be submitted prior to secondment:

Information provided in English and 7 other languages:

For all questions concerning French labor laws, you can call the following number (free telephone service + call rate): 0 806 000 126

Important: When the contract term exceeds 2 years, employees working for companies not based in France must NECESSARILY be registered with the Strasbourg URSSAF office.